Response to Intervention (RtI): A Factsheet for Parents

RtI is a general education initiative for ALL students for the early identification of and intervention for students at academic or behavioral risk.  RtI may be one alternative to the aptitude-achievement discrepancy model for the identification of students with learning disabilities. RtI includes these features:

·         High quality, research-based, standards aligned instruction for ALL students

·         Universal screening

·          Tiered research-based, standards-aligned general education framework (See the 3 Tier Model for details)


·         Parental engagement with information regarding their child’s needs,  interventions, goals and expected progress, time spent in each tier, regular reports of progress or lack of  progress and right to request a special education evaluation at any time

       Shared ownership:  All staff assume active role in students’ instruction and assessments

        Data-Based decision making

o     Progress monitoring: ongoing process of collecting and analyzing data to determine student progress

o     Grade Level Benchmarks and Outcome Assessment

The Seven Steps of Progress Monitoring for ALL Students