Sample IEP Goals for Literacy Using Assistive Technology


The use of A.T. is not a goal in itself.  A.T. can be included in IEP goals, Specially Designed Instruction (including as an accommodation for testing), Supports to School Personnel, and as a related service.

·         A condition of goal or objective (e.g.“Using a voice output communication device, child will name….”)

·         Included in Specially Designed Instruction, (e.g. “Access to a computer for word processing writing tasks longer than one paragraph” ); as an accommodation for testing

·         Related Services:“Student and parents will be trained by A.T. consultant in use of A.T.”

·         Supports for School Personnel (e.g. “Teacher of child with hearing impairment will be trained in use and maintenance of FM system.”)

(From PaTTAN 11/13/07 Teleconference, “Focusing on Assistive Technology: What Every Educator Needs to Know”

The general goal format is: Using (AT solution), student will (curriculum standard) with ___ % accuracy __ /__ times.


IEP Goal Samples:

·         Using a word processor program with a spell checker, S will compose a 3 paragraph paper using at least 15 sentences with 80% accuracy in the use of punctuation, capitalization and grammar for 5 assignments in a grading period by (date).


·         Using a book holder and page turner, S will read selected text in order to provide an oral response demonstrating an ability to summarize essential details and to provide a conclusion with ___ % accuracy __/__ times.


·         Using a pre-programmed VOCA, S will identify the main events of the plot, supporting details and conclusion with ___% accuracy ___/___times.


·         Using a computer with pre-programmed Clicker 5 word bank grids, S will scan through the words and select words with his switch to compose 5 sentences containing a minimum of 3 words each during daily journal activity.


·         Using an electronic dictionary/thesaurus, S will explain frequently used synonyms, antonyms, and homographs with ___% accuracy ___/___times.


·         Using electronic text, word (or talking word) processing/word prediction program, S will read selected text and write a summary of selected readings containing the main idea and essential details with ___ % accuracy __/__ times.


·         Using a word (or talking word) processing program, keyboard (specify) and/ or mouse (specify), S

will write simple and compound sentences with ___% accuracy __/__ times.


·         Using the computer and pre-programmed word banks in a picture based word processor, S will complete 3 paragraphs of writing over 10 consecutive English periods by (specify date)

Purcell, S. Grant, D. (2004). Using Assistive Technology to Meet Literacy Standards: An IEP Team Guide. Verona, WI: Attainment Company.